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Oct. 12 -AEB Zoom- 6:30PM-9PM - Guest Tim League-Director: Fantastic Fest, Founder: Alamo Drafthouse

What you'll get:

  • Networking
  • Guest Speaker
  • Connection & maybe your next partner or investor!

What People Are Saying:

Connecting with AEB and Jennifer Hutchins landed me my first paid gig as a PA on a web series and slowly but surely I began landing more and more PAID projects. I’ve started getting work as an editor and videographer via word of mouth, too. I highly recommend AEB as a resource for film and entertainment professionals.

Asha Bynum- Filmmaker

I’ve made several good friends through AEB, one of whom introduced me to an agent who is pitching my pilot to a well-known producer who has three shows currently on the air

Phillip Ramati - Writer

I was guest speaking at an AEB event when a filmmaker asked a question about his documentary. I told him to contact me after the event because I could put him in touch with people who could help and he did. I’ve gotten to know more about the project and I’m going to help as I think the subject matter is important. But more importantly it also turns out he is an award-winning war photographer and cinematographer and I would never have known about his work if it wasn’t for the AEB event!! So thank you!!

Suzanne Weinert- Director/ Producer President of Flatiron Pictures