At the heart of AEB lies a commitment to connect the entertainment business across the globe. By fostering a network that spans borders, we aim to bring together the brightest minds and the most innovative ideas, ensuring that creativity knows no boundaries


Unlocking Industry Secrets 

Access to insider information is crucial in the fast-paced world of entertainment. We are dedicated to democratizing this knowledge, making it accessible to emerging talents and seasoned professionals alike. 


Empowering our Community 

Above all, our mission is to empower. We believe in the untapped potential of every filmmaker, producer, and industry professional within our network. By providing opportunities for growth, learning and collaboration, we are not just fostering careers; we are nurturing the next generation of industry leaders.



We throw networking events with guest speakers, masterminds, webinars on Zoom and/or In-person in Austin and film festivals such as SXSW, Sundance and Cannes and the Dallas YTexas Summit.  Most events can be attended and watched live from anywhere in the world. 

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Suzanne Weinert

Director/ Producer

"I was guest speaking at an AEB  event when a filmmaker asked a question about his documentary. I told him to contact me after the event because I could put him in touch with people who could help and he did. I’ve gotten to know more about the project and I’m going to help as I think the subject matter is important. But more importantly it also turns out he is an award-winning war photographer and cinematographer and I would never have known about his work if it wasn’t for the AEB event!! So thank you!!"

Phillip Ramati


"I’ve made several good friends through AEB, one of whom introduced me to an agent who is pitching my pilot to a well-known producer who has three shows currently on the air."

Asha Bynum


"Connecting with AEB and Jennifer Hutchins landed me my first paid gig as a PA on a web series and slowly but surely I began landing more and more PAID projects. I’ve started getting work as an editor and videographer via word of mouth, too. I highly recommend AEB as a resource for film and entertainment professionals."

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AEB is a community of people and resources you can rely on. 

We root for the underdog.

I've spent nearly two decades producing film, television series and branded content. I've met some brilliant people along the way.  This inspired the formation of AEB to connect these amazing talents with each other and make life easier so we can focus on the fun stuff! 

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Indie Film Distribution chat with Bill Vergos: Freestyle Media

Join us on July 18 for an afternoon with Head of Digital Film Distribution at Byron Allen's Freestyle Digital Media Bill Vergos. Virtual link sent when you register.